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At Grand Automotive, we have the experience necessary to provide you with quality service on all sorts of Diesel trucks. With our full maintenance and repair options for your light duty diesel vehicle in Orange County California area, there are few shops that can match what we offer here at home. Preventative care routines will keep long term engine life expectancy high so come see us today to keep your vehicle running in tip top shape.

Diesel Repairs Lake Forest California

Diesel Truck Repair Service

Diesel engines are powerful and efficient compared to other car options. Diesel cars often get better fuel economy than their gas counterparts, which makes these vehicles the go-to for eco-friendly drivers who care about both cost savings as well as protecting our planet’s resources

Because so many new diesel models hit American roads every day – you can count on Grand Automotive for quality repairs no matter what type or brand of vehicle it is! From pickups trucking supplies through SUVs running errands around town; we’ve got something in stock at prices anyone will be happy with (including hybrids).

If you need quality diesel repairs, come to Grand Automotive. We provide affordable prices for all types of engine services and maintenance work on your vehicle’s turbochargers as well as transmissions; suspensions & steering systems cooling system repair needs!

At Grand auto we do our best to take care not only about repairing or servicing any other type but also monitoring them too – ensuring that there will be no issue when it comes time for an upgrade down the road (since many components can last much longer than expected).


Ford Power Stroke

Do you need to up your hauling potential? Or are you hoping for an increase in horsepower, then Grand Automotive is the leading Orange County mechanic who specializes in Ford Power Stroke upgrades.

Cummins Diesel Repair

Grand Automotive has extensive experience working on Cummins Diesel engines and knows that a diesel engine needs to be serviced and repaired properly in order for it to last. That’s why we’ve got you covered with our mechanics located at 20751 Bake Pkwy, Lake Forest California 92630

Duramax Engine Service

When you need reliable diesel repair, don’t trust your Duramax engine to just any mechanic. The automotive repair pros at Grand Automotive can make all the difference in performance and power for both business or personal use! We are conveniently located off Bake Parkway near Alton Pkwy & Trabuco Rd., so please come see us today if this sounds like something that interests you
Our expert mechanics will take good care of whatever issue might be preventing maximum potential from being achieved with our quality service offerings including Ignition-system trouble shooting as well as diagnosis on Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners (MVAC).

Ford Power Stroke Repair Service

The famous Ford Power Stroke engine requires expert maintenance and care to protect and preserve its integrity and keep it powering on for years to come. Pit Shop Diesel Repair is proud to help you keep these engines running smoothly.

So if you need help with your diesel, come one by or give us a call for a free estimate.


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