Wheel Aligment

wheel-alignmentDoes your car seem to fight you when you are steering? Are certain tires wearing out faster than the others? You may need to have your wheels aligned.

Wheel alignment is the position of the wheels relative to your car. Alignment also affects gas mileage and tire wear. When properly aligned, the wheels point in the right direction. Without proper alignment, the wheels resist your steering commands, as well as each other.

The tires are the only parts of your vehicle that make contact with the road and significantly impact the handling, traction, and safety of your vehicle. Keeping your tires properly inflated and rotating them every 6,000 miles will maximize the lifetime of your tires and helps to maintain precise handling in all driving conditions.

State-of-the-art computer wheel alignment equipment and can provide you with a computer printout of your vehicle’s wheel alignment specifications and condition.

Alignment services:

  • 2 and 4 Wheel Alignment
  • Front End
  • Tie Rods
  • Ball joints
  • Suspension
  • C.V. Axles
  • Brakes
  • Shocks
  • Struts

A wheel alignment & wheel balance is one of the key maintenance factors in getting the most performance and wear from your tires. In addition, wheel alignment gives you improved mileage while providing a safe, smooth and comfortable ride which is free of pulling or vibration.

Modern suspensions require a precise four-wheel alignment that can only be achieved through a modern up- to-date alignment system.

A correct wheel alignment:

  • Significantly extends the life of your tires
  • Provides better handling
  • Makes your vehicle safer to drive
  • Makes your vehicle more fuel efficient

Properly aligned wheels can extend your tread life by thousands of miles, so get the most out of your wheels and have them realigned today! Contact us today at (949) 454-1449

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